The genus Aristolochia is well known for its deceptive flowers that are pollinated by Diptera. Our current knowledge on the deceptive strategies is limited due to the massive number of fly species including their challenging systematics, limited knowledge of the fly biology and the unlimited number of potential mimicry systems that are caused by the extremely high ecological diversity of Diptera. The pollination system of a single species of Aristolochia has been decrypted. Aristolochia rotunda is member of a Mediterranean clade with each species having its own pollinator(s), thus being indicative of many different pollination systems that we currently research.

Professor Dr. Stefan Wanke
University of Technology Dresden, Institute of Botany
Martes 24 de Septiembre de 2019, 11:00 hrs
– Auditorio del Jardín Botánico del IBUNAM
Coordinadores de Seminarios: Dra. Carolina Granados, Dra. Alejandra Moreno y Dra. Patricia Vélez