With the genomic revolution in full swing, it is easy to lose sight of one of the central tenets in biology - to learn about the interactions among organisms and their environment. In this seminar, I will report findings that emerged from careful observations in nature, which led to important conclusions about the nature of species interactions, the discovery of new species, and the potential impacts on human health. I will focus on a single system to illustrate how much we know and how much we still don’t know about many organisms that are right in front of us.

Scott P. Egan, PhD
Rice University
Martes 19 de Noviembre de 2019, 11:00 hrs
– Auditorio del Jardín Botánico del IBUNAM
Coordinadores de Seminarios: Dr. Marcelo Pace, Dra. Camille Truong y Dra. Ivonne Garzón