Dra. Susana Aurora Magallón Puebla

Nombramiento: Investigador Titular B
SNI: nivel 2
Correo: s.magallon@ib.unam.mx
Ubicación: Edificio B, Piso 1: 123 Filogénetica
Teléfono: 56 22 90 87

The general topic of my research is plant macroevolution, which is investigated in a phylogenetic context. I combine neontological and paleobotanical approaches to conduct organismic studies investigating the evolution of floral structure; evolutionary studies investigating the time of origin and diversification of flowering plants; and biodiversity studies investigating the mechanisms that generate and maintain high plant species richness in Mesoamerica. A major component of my research is the timing and diversification mechanisms underlying angiosperm evolution. This research combines paleobotanical information and molecular-based, time-calibrated phylogenies derived from relaxed molecular clocks. The temporal framework of angiosperm origin and diversification is fundamental to identify biotic and abiotic factors that may ultimately cause high species-richness. Understanding the macroevolutionary causes underlying high plant species-richness in different Mesoamerican biomes is one of my main and current research interests. The basic question that I aim to respond is: How did Mesoamerica become so species-rich? My research group has addressed this question mostly by investigating the timing, mechanisms of diversification, and potential biotic or abiotic diversification correlates, of species-rich plant clades that are important components of Mesoamerican biomes.


Evolución en plantas con semillas

Áreas de investigación

Trayectoria académica

  • Posdoctorado. Evolution and Ecology Section, University of California, Davis, Estados Unidos, 2002
  • Doctorado en Geophysical Sciences. Department of Geophysical Sciencies, University of Chicago, Estados Unidos, 1999
  • Maestría en Biología Vegetal. Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad nacional Autónoma de México, México, 1994
  • Licenciatura en Biología. Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, 1991